Volta Voices - Women's Life Stories from a Ghanaian Village Clinic

How You Can Help

Your support is needed to continue maintenance, repair and replacement of bikes used by health workers. This outreach work is vital to the health and wellbeing of the rural community and supports the work of the clinic.

You can donate using either a PayPal account or by card.

Download and Share the Book

Please share this digital version of Volta Voices as widely as you can. You are encouraged to share this webpage with anyone who might be interested so they can download their own free copy.

Download Volta Voices

The eBook is provided in a DRM-free .epub format which is read by many devices, and you can convert it to many other formats if required.

2020 Update

15 bicycles have been bought and maintained from funds raised by the sale of Volta Voices. These are used by younger head traders and by community health workers and midwives to enable them to visit outlying villages much more easily.

The bikes are hired to women head traders but loaned without fee to health workers.

2 motor tricycles have been bought to assist the women farmers with bringing crops into town to the head traders. Their maintenance and repair is paid for from hire fees.

Funds have been used to start a small loan club and hardship fund for women traders.

These projects are run by the women themselves assisted by Mafi Kumasi clinic.

You can donate using either a PayPal account or by card.